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God has chosen the foolish things of the world to put to shame the wise.


Have you had time to look around you how every precious things of life are free and people spend a lot for things that destroy them! It has been the same since 2.000 years ago and it continues today.

The Pharisees were men who had dedicated their lives to the study of Scripture. They took a solemn vow before three witnesses to spend every moment of their lives obeying the Ten Commandments. That is not to say they succeeded, because clearly they did not. But that is at least what they tried to do. And with a few exceptions, such as Nicodemus, these Pharisees—these religious experts—had hard hearts.

What is ironic is they spent their time studying the Scriptures. These men, immersed in such a spiritual endeavor, had hearts that were so hard, they attributed to the devil that which was being done by God.

Those Chef Priests and elders of the people plotted against Jesus Christ to put Him to death (Matthew 27:1).

This reminds us that the church can be a dangerous place for us today. It is a place where we honor God. It is a place where the Word of God goes out. And we have a choice as to how we will react to these things. If we are in church because we want to worship and learn more about Christ, then that is great. But if we go to church out of mere obligation, thinking we can sin a little more because we have done our duty that is dangerous.

Nowadays, the same people we find in Churches Saturdays and Sundays are also found involved in different crimes like Churches have less impact on the society. Religion has become more dangerous than politics.

We need to go back to the teaching of Jesus Christ without the context of religion. Each one of us need to live according to His word for the word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division, and of joints and narrow, and is a discerner of thoughts and intents of the hearts.  ”Heb 4:12”

5 Ways Satan uses to destroy holiness

God is perfect; he lacks nothing. God is holy; he is set apart and wholly separate from sin. As with many of God’s attributes, he desires to communicate perfection and holiness to his creation. So he did.

Lucifer, an angel of God’s, did not get enough of God’s perfection and holiness. He wanted it all. He rebelled against God and lost all of what God gave him. He became God’s nemesis—renamed Satan. Ever since, Satan wishes for holiness’s ruin.

He elicited the fall of Adam and Eve, depriving them of holiness. He continues on his rampage against holiness. He wants our help; he wants co-conspirators. And humanity is altogether too quick to comply, but that’s our nature.

God’s enemy employs five methods to ruin holiness: relativism, tolerance, contextualization, liberty and legalism.


Relativism conveys that there are no absolutes. This perspective legitimizes innumerable truths contradicting one another.

Relativism ruins holiness because there is no longer a supreme authority. One is not wholly other. Satan deceives people into thinking multiple acceptable authorities exist. Ironically, all options outside of God point to Satan. He is the only other authority people submit. 

God rescues holiness from relativism’s ruin. John 14:6 says, “…I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the father except through me.”


Relativism leads to tolerance. If you do not accept multiple worldviews, you must be intolerant, leading to the intolerance of intolerance. If you tolerate multiple worldviews and authorities, holiness is diluted as God’s glory is shared. God cannot be altogether wholly other because he shares his holiness with other worldviews and authorities, diminishing his glory.

God rescues holiness from tolerance’s ruin. Isaiah 48:11 says, “My glory I will not give to another.”


In God’s quest to rescue holiness, he selected Israel as a light to the nations. He made this people holy. God gave Israel a charge to be separate from other nations. By doing so, other nations would look to Israel and find God attractive. Israel failed.

This rescue initiative continues with the Church. The Church is meant to be a wholly set apart people testifying to God’s holiness. This is accomplished through the church’s union to Christ, who fulfilled all Israel ought to be.

Contextualization is when God’s holy people relate to their context. They connect to their context in meaningful ways. Contextualization is tricky. God’s people should contextualize without jeopardizing holiness. Our enemy wishes to see contextualization abused.