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“So when you see standing in the holy place the abomination that causes desolation- from the time that the daily sacrifice(and offering) is abolished and the abomination that causes desolation is set up-(Daniel 12:11)-let the reader understand- “ Matthew 24:15

What ISIS on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem means for the future?

Last week a report by Israel’s Channel 10 showed thousands of Arabs, some of them members of the Tahrir Party (said to be a Palestinian offshoot of the Islamic State) gathering on the Temple Mount. There, speakers worked the crowd into a frenzy by promoting the “liberation” of Jerusalem and denouncing its Jewish inhabitants. It was there, too, that several ISIS flags made an appearance.

The battle being fought in the Middle East is a spiritual battle, evident as multitudes of Christians in Syria and Iraq have been crucified or beheaded. This brutal terrorist organization is amassing heartless and violent outcasts in an effort to raise up an army of the inhumane and pitiless to wreak fear and havoc in the region. In one Iraqi village, the threat, “Become Muslims or we will kill you all,” was issued to the village elder. Corpses left in the wake of ISIS are reminiscent of the killing fields in Cambodia.

These fighters have already taken over parts of Iraq and Syria and now have Jordan and Israel in their sights. There have also been claims that some ISIS members were involved in the recent Israel/Gaza conflict. Two men with ties to that group were killed in an IDF bombing strike after having launched rockets into Israel. The fierce battles in Gaza for the past few months may have simply been a diversionary tactic designed to test Israel’s resolve to combat terrorism on its own doorstep. We must stand with Israel now; the Jewish state is the final line of defense against these extremists groups”

Are we in the very last days?