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2014-04-12:The Importance of Baptism

Read | Matthew 3:13-17

When we admire someone, it is natural to try and identify with that person. We see this in children, who enjoy imitating their superheroes' speech, mannerisms, and dress. Older people, too, like to take on characteristics of their chosen role models. And as believers, we are called to emulate the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our Savior commanded us to follow His example in all things, including baptism (Matt. 28:19). At the start of His public ministry, Jesus Himself chose to be baptized. John the Baptist was calling the Jewish people to confess their sins and demonstrate repentance by immersion in the Jordan River. Jesus, the One who had no sin, joined the crowd at the river and asked John to baptize Him. The Lord was affiliating Himself with a sinful man. By following His example in the waters of baptism, we are publicly confessing our faith in the Savior and identifying ourselves with Him.

By means of baptism, we proclaim our connection with Jesus and also with other believers—we are all members of one body under the authority of the same Lord. But remember, neither baptism nor any other work is required for salvation; we are saved by God's grace strictly through faith in Jesus Christ (Eph. 2:8-9). However, God has commanded us to be baptized following our redemption, so this step is an issue of obedience.

Belief in Jesus is not supposed to be hidden away like a light placed under a basket (Luke 11:33). Instead, it should be expressed in words and actions. Have you demonstrated your faith through the act of baptism?