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2014-01-12:The Window .

There you are 

On the other side of the window 
You look sad and scared 
Wondering where your son is about to go 

You tell me you miss me 
And that you want me home 
Then you smile 
And tell me how much my little brother has grown 

We catch up on lost times 
As fast as we can 
Because we both know 
We'll probably never see each other again 

You start crying 
And I can see 
That deep inside you're dying 
You're blaming yourself 
For not being the best mom 
And I tell you 
It was my choice to do wrong 

It hurts me to see you blaming yourself 
Because I know that deep inside 
You wish you could help 
Because you already have one son gone 
And you're about to loose another one 

The only thing you want right now 
Are your two oldest children 
Back with their little brother 
And home with their loving mother 

It's about time for you to go 
We sit in silence 
Wishing that we were on the same side of the window 
That we could hug for one last time 
Before I get sent away for my crime 

You put your hand to the glass 
And I start crying 
I've hurt so many people and this is the last 
Because it's not worth watching my whole life go 
Behind the window