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2013/09/28:What Does it Mean for God’s Kingdom to Come?

Jesus told us to pray for God’s kingdom to come. What does that mean?

One thing is certain: to pray it apart from all the courage you can muster would be failing to understand what you are praying. Particularly concerning God’s utter and complete sovereignty. “What would stand and what would fall?” reflects Frederick Buechner....

It’s true. When we pray, we are to pray for God’s kingdom, God’s will, to not only come into our lives and take root, but through us to spread throughout the earth. God’s kingdom was announced by Jesus, and makes its way into the world from that beachhead as individuals give their hearts and lives to Christ. In that sense, God’s kingdom has arrived, and we have been brought into that kingdom as believers.

But the full consummation lies ahead. So to pray that the kingdom will come is to pray that His kingdom will grow as we pursue our witness to Jesus, and live lives of salt and light. So with the great commission comes a cultural commission. We pray for the kingdom to take hold on the planet; governments and institutions, judicial systems and media.