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2013-07-05:Prophecies – Your Weapons of War in the Fight of Faith

Prophecies – Your Weapons of War in the Fight of Faith

“This charge I commit unto thee, son Timothy, according to the prophecies which went before on thee, that thou by them mightest war a good warfare” (1 Timothy 1:18)

The words that God speaks to you are so important to your Christian life, whether they’re His words to you as contained in the Bible or the prophecies that come to you. They are your weapons of war in the fight of faith you’re called to fight. This is what the Apostle Paul emphasized in his letter to Timothy in the opening Scripture. I love the way it is rendered in the Good News Bible; he said: “Timothy, my child, I entrust to you this command, which is in accordance with the words of prophecy spoken in the past about you. Use those words as weapons in order to fight well” (1 Timothy 1:18 GNB) Hallelujah.”

The Bible tells us not to despise prophecies (1 Thessalonians 5:20), for they’re the tools we need for fighting well. The Lord Jesus used prophecy to wage a good warfare when the devil tried to tempt him (Luke 4). As long as he kept on quoting the Scriptures, saying “It is written,” the devil wasn’t put off. But when He spoke the word that had become personal to him (beyond being written in the Scriptures), it became a weapon of prophecy that repelled the enemy.

Every month at our Global Communion services, we receive powerful words of prophecies concerning us in that new month. However, it’s the prophecies you appropriate and make personal that’ll come to pass in your life. For example, if God says “Son, I’ll honour you specially in this month” don’t let it become common to you! If He says “I am with you this month,” that’s His personal word to you — and it’s a now word — rhema! That means you can confidently step out every day and know that nothing and nobody can hurt you or hinder your progress!

You must always remember the prophecies that are spoken concerning you, for you need them to wage a good warfare. As we look forward to the July edition of our monthly Global Communion Service this Sunday 7th July at 16:00Hrs GMT, become excited; it’s your time to experience spiritual impartation and to receive the Word of God for victorious living. Hallelujah!