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2013-06-11:Charge Up Your Spirit By Speaking in Tongues

Charge Up Your Spirit By Speaking in Tongues

"He that speaketh in an unknown tongue edifieth himself…"(1 Corinthians 14:4).

The Bible shows us how some of the Old Testament folks stirred the anointing (charged up themselves) each time they wanted to accomplish divine tasks. Samson for one knew that the way to charge up his spirit was to shake himself. After he was betrayed by Delilah and his hair was shaved, the Bible says he “…awoke out of his sleep, and said, I will go out as at other times before, and shake myself… (Judges 16:20).

Over in the New Testament, the way to charge up your spirit and stir up the anointing of God’s Spirit in your life is not by shaking yourself physically like Samson did, but by praying in tongues! That’s how to get a “quick charge” and set your sail for the miraculous! Praying in other tongues charges your spirit, much the same way as a battery is charged. When a car battery for example, is left inactive for a while, you’d need to charge it again to restore it to an effective state. The same goes for the human spirit; you ought to always “charge up” your spirit and get it perpetually active, and that you can achieve by praying earnestly in other tongues.

Speaking in tongues “quick charges” your spirit; it helps your spirit respond very quickly to spiritual things. As you learn to speak in tongues frequently, the anointing will easily be stirred within you, and you’ll find yourself living in consistent victory and triumph. This month, when you have a matter to handle, get yourself some “quick charge”; pray in the Holy Ghost! Keep yourself perpetually high on God’s power by speaking in tongues always! That way, you’ll never run out of ideas, or be in confusion as to the right steps to take concerning anything.

Before you go out every day; before you make that next move or take that important decision; before you make that choice, get yourself some quick charge! Every day in this month of Prayer is a good opportunity to charge up yourself in the Holy Ghost and as you participate, the greater glory and victories that God has in store for you in the coming months and years will be unveiled to you!

Take advantage of our prayer times today to pray passionately in other tongues and step into the new things that God has planned out for you! Glory to Jesus Christ!