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2013-05-30:Cultivate the Inspiration for Advancing

Cultivate the Inspiration for Advancing

“…God…richly {and} ceaselessly provides us with everything for [our] enjoyment “(1 Timothy 6:17 AMP).

Your success and advancement are God’s idea. That’s the reason He ceaselessly provides you with every good blessing for your enjoyment. This realization should inspire in you a new dream and passion for success, knowing that nothing is too good for you, or beyond your reach.

In the world today, it’s easy to identify two kinds of people; those who are inspired by their fear of failure and those who’re inspired by the dream of success and advancement. For example, in a class of several students studying the same course, you may discover that their motivations for being studious differ. Some study so they don’t fail; they’re afraid of failing. While there are those who study because they want to win the prize; they’re excited about making an “A” as it were. Now, notice that although both groups are studious, one is inspired by the fear of failure whereas the other is inspired by the dream of success.

Then also, there’s another group—those who’re haunted by their past instead of being challenged by the future. Always, they’re whining, grumbling and sorrowing about the past! They’re wondering what to do about the past instead of looking at the future and being challenged by another opportunity to stand strong and advance. So, it’s up to you to choose where you want to be.

You’re either inspired by your fear of failure or you’re inspired by your dream of success and advancement. This month, God wants you to be excited about the dream of advancement. Being inspired by the fear of failure will keep you at the same level for a long time, instead of blazing the trail for new frontiers. But those who are inspired by the dream of advancement always dare to press on. They’ll brave the odds and blaze new trails. Glory to God!

The world today needs men and women who are bold enough to play on the field. Men and women who are passionate about changing the status quo! Let that be you. Be inspired throughout this month and beyond by the dream of success and advancement. Praise the Lord!