In this world, there is a lot to write about.  Look around and see what is happening. Our neighbors, our communities and the whole society need to know and to understand where we are today. The cry of emptiness rings from both the bleakest ghetto and the ritziest mansion. The same echo of a meaningless life reverberates at the downtown bar as well as the country club. There are senior citizens, middle-aged men and women, and teens with equally hollow hearts, for which no medical prescription exists. Even if someone has worldly possessions, the best job, many partners of the opposite sex, or a lot of money, it doesn't bring a sense of long-term pleasure and purpose. Don't be afraid to speak out, or even shout, what you know is the solution. Let everyone know that the overflow of God’s love is the only way to fill the emptiness. (There are interesting articles to read in the sub-pages of the bottom) 

Les Orages de sang au pays du lait et de miel
Monsieur Levi Rukundo,Il est l'auteur de beaucoup d'articles et ouvrages. Ses livres sont généralement du domaine de la psychologie et écrits en Anglais. Ici nous citerons par exemple : « De la loi à la Grâce », paru en 2010 ; « Vivre avec le monde invisible », paru en 2012, « L'Ame blessée », paru en 2013 ; « Le chemin a la résilience », paru en 2014 et « La trajectoire d'un serviteur secret », paru en 2015.
Monsieur Levi Rukundo a fait ses études primaires à KARURUSI en Province de KAYANZA et NDORA, province CIBITOKE, ses études secondaires à l'Ecole Normale Adventiste de Kivoga à Bujumbura et ses études universitaires à l'université du Burundi. Il a été incarcéré à la prison centrale de Mpimba pendant sept ans avant d'être contraint à l'exile pour une autre période de sept ans. Les sept ans en exile lui ont permis de fréquenter l'Université d'Afrique du Sud (UNISA), l'Université de Kwa Zulu Natal (Harvard College) là où il a obtenu les diplômes de maitrise et de doctorat en Psychologie Clinique.
Docteur Levi Rukundo, en plus de son doctorat en Psychologie Clinique, il a obtenu des spécialisations en Psychologie des enfants exposés au traumatisme lié à la guerre, à la terreur et au désastre à l'Université de MINESSOTA (USA) ; en Psychologie Clinique des enfants et des adolescents Université de Edinburgh en Scotland (2015) ; et en Psychologie Positive Appliquée ; l'Université de la Caroline du Nord aux Etats Unis (2016). Il est psychologue Clinicien praticien et fait des recherches sur la santé mentale dans le domaine du suicide, de la violence et les abus des substances. 
The Journey of a Secret Servant

The Journey of a Secret Servant 
From the death row to the red carpet
Authored by Dr Levi Rukundo

Born in the Republic of Burundi, a country that has endured many violent civil wars since declaring its independence in 1962, Dr Levi Rukundo is the author of many books such "From the Law into the Grace, 2010", "Living with the Invisible World, 2011", "The Wounded Soul, 2012", "The Pathway to Resilience, 2014" and and now, "The Journey of a Secret Servant, 2015". When it comes to talk about the conflict resolution in Burundi, Dr Levi Rukundo places the cause in the past history of the country and describes with astonishing details all tragedies that plunged inhabitants into deep mourning and sorrow since 1972, again in 1988 and 1993 up to the present day. Many people have been killed and buried in mass graves while some other bodies have been devoured by wild animals. These persecutions forced thousands upon thousands of Burundian people into exile. The turmoil has left the country with many orphans, widows, and refugees-as well as many rebels who want to fight against the oppression.
During the unrest, He tried to join the rebellion in order to establish a state of law. His goal was to be an officer of the new army, or even a general of the National Army that would protect all people and restore lasting democracy in the broken country. What he heard during times of prayer confused him. On several occasions, people prophesied that he had no place in armed groups because, "God did not choose you to be a killer, but a healer." You will learn more by reading this testimonial book about what happened. This book will take you into a therapeutic session of sad, stressful and tragic events; and bring you back to hope, trust and edification to face every day life challenges. 

Dr. Rukundo's trajectory shows that he has been a teacher of primary schools, then a teacher and a principal of high schools, and became later a professor of universities as he holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology. He has been a political prisoner tortured, facing death sentences, and then a political refugee for many years before becoming a regular citizen. He has worked in the state office of the presidency, at two occasions, and has worked as a diplomat in the Russian Federation and in the United States of America. He has had great experiences that should be shared with the world. 
The pathway to Resilience                
The cry of help rings from both the bleakest ghetto and the ritziest mansion. The same echo of a meaningless life reverberates at the downtown bar and the country club. There are senior citizens, middle-aged men and women, and teens with equally hollow hearts, for which no medical prescription exists. Death is everywhere from wars, sickness and accidents leaving orphans, widows and many grieving families for the loss of their beloved. Rings for help are coming from everywhere: Torture of every sort, persecutions, beheading, burns, sexual, physical and verbal abuse; separation of children with their parents, neglect, threatening with weapons; Divorce, betrayal, serious illness, loss of a job, of wealth and position, dictatorial political regime, exiles, imprisonments, etc... are life threatening events that can cause psychological distress. In many communities, it is so common and often to meet someone who is experiencing emotional distress either from a current or past situation that has affected his life to some degree. Unlike the pain a person might incur from a physical illness or trauma, psychological pain is a form of mental suffering that is devastating nowadays.

Beyond the wounds of the heart caused by rejection, abandonment, humiliation, treason and injustice; Beyond the cause of psychological distress such as child abuse, loss of a beloved, diseases, handicap, unemployment, war and disasters; Beyond being trapped in fear, panic, addiction, depression, paranoia, suicidal thoughts and schizophrenia; Distress can come from nowhere to wound your soul if you are not immunized. Did you know that souls act and react differently toward distress and that it is not the occurring of the distress that wounds your soul but your reaction to it? Yes, humans react according to their experiences, their personality or according to their different influences. That may help you to understand the behavior, but it will never help to overcome the world's emotional challenges. Again, it is not only the awareness, the acceptance and the development of endurance that will lead you to your wellness, but rather preparedness and having the power to lean on. This book opens your eyes to what a human is with his/her strength and weakness regardless of his/her rank and social standard. It will give you the insight of your capabilities to handle and to cope.

                               LIVING WITH THE INVISIBLE WORLD 


Living with the invisible world contains 6 Chapters - Over 190 Pages of pure revelation! This book takes the mystery out and brings it to your knowledge. It gives you a clear Understanding of your own being and how to accurately distinguish your spirit, soul and body, and what glorious life waits for you ahead in the afterlife. It helps you understand what are a birth, a life, and a death. It gives you a better understanding of how your life may be changing from human to divine nature. You learn how to live victoriously and achieve all round success in your life! It will help you to turn your worries and cares of life and about death over to the Lord of the invisible world and find peace in the midst of uncertainty and crisis. It details exactly what steps to take in your life, how you can live happy, healthy and prosperous in this life and how to keep your way going towards a new kind of life by the fact that the word of God changes the way your mind operates. It will revolutionize your understanding of different mechanics found in different books; you begin to see with clarity how the major doctrines of the Bible are the best among all philosophies, beliefs and theories.


This work enfolds the secret of living free, healthy and prosperous in every area of human life. It gives ways of self enlighten and causes to be released from every kind of bondage such as spiritual, physical and financial bondages. Whether you are Christian or not, literate or not, you will know who you are, where you come from and where you are going on the line of the time. It reveals also how people are oppressed by religious and political systems of this world. There is the good and the evil. The first is ignored and remain unknown while the second rules. From here you will learn how to stir up your power to stifle the evil: • the power to transform your life • the power to transform your personality • the power to transform your desires into reality • the power to lose your bad habits • the power to release the "sleeping giant within you" • the power to change beliefs that limit you • the power to be happy all the time. • the power to improve your health • the power to instantly transform your bad mood with gaiety • the power to live in harmony with those you love…
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