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2013/09/03: An addicted, I am not

An Addict I'm Not...

© Randi Gray
*An Addict I'm Not...
so he pushes me away
hoping I won't see it, and lead him astray
*An Addict I'm Not...
but I must still live the life
dealing and coping
praying one day he'll stop
*An Addict I'm Not...
maybe I feel it more
knowing any moment, he could walk out that door
*An Addict I'm Not...
so I live all alone
sure he's here beside me,
but it's not him that's home
*An Addict I'm Not...
so I deal with his lies
the deceit and the pain
and all the tear free cries
*An Addict I'm Not...
thinking I could help
one day my love will be enough,
but it won't I can tell
*An Addict I'm Not...
I see the pain in his heart and
the fear that grips his soul
as he grabs for his pipe,
and smokes one more bowl
*An Addict I'm Not...
if only he could just see
what I see in him
and know he could someday be
*An Addict I'm Not...
so I watch from afar
as he destroys himself
a little more each day-
Dear God please help him
each night I'll continue to pray!
*Because An Addict I'm Not,
but I must watch him be

Source: Poem For Those Who Love An Addict, An Addict I'm Not
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