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Hidden Mystery

In the deepest depths of you and me
In the deepest depths of we
Lies the most beautiful jewel
Shining forth eternally

Within that precious jewel
Within that priceless piece of we
Lies a time beyond all time
Lies a place beyond all space

Within that sacred source of radiance
Lies a love beyond all love
Ever so patiently

Waiting for you, waiting for me
Waiting patiently for all to see
The beauty that is you inside of me
The beauty that is me inside of thee

In the deepest depths of you and me
In the deepest depths of we
Lies the love and wisdom
Of all Eternity

The Little Orphan


The crowded street his playground is, a patch of blue his sky;

A puddle in a vacant lot his sea where ships pass by:

Poor little orphan boy of five, the city smoke and grime

Taint every cooling breeze he gets throughout the summer time;

And he is just as your boy is, a child who loves to play,

Except that he is drawn and white and cannot get away.


And he would like the open fields, for often in his dreams

The angels kind bear him off to where are pleasant streams,

Where he may sail a splendid boat, sometimes he flies a kite,

Or romps beside a shepherd dog and shouts with all his might;

But when the dawn of morning comes he wakes to find once more

That what he thought were sun-kissed hills are rags upon the floor.


Then through the hot and sultry day he plays at “make-pretend,”

The alley is a sandy beach where all the rich folks send

Their little boys and girls to play, a barrel is his boat,

But, oh, the air is tifling and the dust fills up his throat;

And though he tries so very hard to play, somehow it seems

He never gets such wondrous joys as angels bring in dreams.


Poor little orphan boy of five, except that he is pale,

With sunken cheeks and hollow eyes and very wan and frail,

Just like that little boy of yours, with same desire to play,

Fond of the open fields and skies, he’s built the self-same way;

But kept by fate and circumstance away from shady streams,

His only joy comes when he sleeps and angels bring him dreams.


When I look at your rice covered face, your sticky hands, your deep brown eyes
I can see two sets of eyes, two beating hearts, I hear your Mom and Dad cries... 
I cannot help but wonder what you will look like someday with a family to call your own, with a yard in which to play 
When you go to school what will you devote your time to? What will you study, what will you grow up to do? Who will fall in love with you? 
When I look at you today, when I look into your face, when I watch you play, I pray for you "Amazing Grace" 
Amazing grace, oh how sweet the sound, Who picked this little orphan off of the ground 
Amazing Grace, You love this child so, and YOU will never let this little one go! 
I know I have to leave you now, as tears well in my eyes, I am reminded again of your Mom and Dad cries. 
I will never forget your deep brown eyes, your beautiful smile, your sticky fingers. Oh how I will miss you so, for the love for you in my heart only continues to grow. 
I will kiss you goodnight one last time, and pray with you holding your little hand in mine. And then I will leave you and go on my way, I will go away to another land... 
But your little brown eyes will go with me, you'll always be in my heart and I will pray for you fervently.

I will pray for your family, I will pray for your precious life, I will pray little girl for your husband, I will pray little boy for your wife. I will pray for you to know God and for you to continue to grow. 
I will pray that every single day you will claim and sing, 
"Jesus loves me, this I know"