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2013-08-05: Poems of traumatized kids

Grief Poem

You said you would never leave,
But then away you went.
Only to come back again,
I wish I knew what you meant,

When you said it was for good.
I wish I only knew that forever meant whenever,
And soon you would be gone again,
Are you going to come back again, ever?

You know where I am today?
I am sitting at our old house.
The one you used to live in with me,
And my sister, your daughter, my mother, your spouse.

Maybe you will never know the heartache you caused
Because you will never know me
You will never be my dad again.
Do you even remember how to be?

Well pops, I guess this is goodbye.
I won't talk to you again,
I won't see your face or the back of your head fading farther away.
Never ever, not now, not even then.

Family Friend Poems 

I who roam the streets, busying myself with filthy cans
Whose child am I?
I whose scars open frequently, oozing fresh blood constantly
Whose child am I?
I who sleep in the gutters, freezing myself out in the dark nights
Whose child am I?
I who snatches people's bags and wallets, in order to feed my rumbling stomach
Whose child am I?
Begging along the busy streets, people running away like a grotesque ghost has appeared to them
Whose child am I?
I who glow green with envy at the sight of other children with their mothers
Ice-cold fingers running through my spine, making me want a place to call home
Whose child am I?
Catching cold is a norm to me, wanting and desiring a warm embrace
but what i get is cruelty from people regarding me an outcast
Whose child am I?
I who my mother abandoned me, crying for her milk but nature freely provided me disgusting sewage
My stomach and whole body system adjusting to the dangerous and life-demanding chemicals
but still, whose child am I?
I who have angels only to watch over me
Whose child am I?
Thousand questions arising daily, not knowing what tomorrow brings
Still only one of them make it to the headlines and it's the breaking news every second